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China unsuccessfully struggles with number of the population, but the economy "is full" of progress! Huge natural resources of China, its numerous hardworking population allowed the country to become one of the most prosperous countries in the world.

The main direction of activity - assistance to acceleration of end of a great cause of association of the homeland, Tayvani's return to the People's Republic of China, strengthening of communications with Guomingdang's figures on Tayvani, in Syanchane (Hong Kong and Aomyni (Macau).

Today the branch structure of the industry of the country is presented more than 360 branches. Besides the traditional are created new modern such as: electronics, petrochemistry, aircraft industry, metallurgy of rare and scattered metals. By number of the industrial enterprises to number occupied at them China wins first place in the world (however the equipment of the enterprises in the bulk the became outdated and it is worn-out).

Features of a relief were reflected first of all in distribution of water resources of the country. Because the rivers generally mountain, China possesses the biggest hydraulic power potential in the world. In the Southern and East part the rivers, largest in China, - Yangtze and Huang He flow. Treat their number also: Amur, Songhua, Yalokhe, Xi River, Tsagno. The rivers of east China in the majority are abounding in water and navigable, and the mode them is characterized by unevenness of a seasonal drain - the minimum expenses in the winter and maximum - in the summer. On plains the floods caused by rough spring and summer thawing of snow are frequent.

The most part of the territory drainless or has only internal drains. There are more than lakes and rivers, but they in the majority salty or with a little fertile soils, poor grassy or semi-shrubby, kserofitny vegetation. And the woods meet only on some slopes of mountains or the Mongolian Altai.

In many respects centuries-old cultivation of the most ancient agricultural culture of the country - rice that led to change of soils and formation, in essence, of special versions, such as "rice marshy" - in the South and "east carbonate" - on the Lesovy plateau had impact on features of formation of soil resources of China.

The western part is occupied with the Plateau of Tibet, and the highest mountain Himalayas systems, Kunlunya, Tien Shan, the extensive plateau of Gobi and Tarimskaya's hollows, Dzhungarsky, Tsaydamsky. Climatic conditions of the western part of China much surovy. The hot summer is replaced more cold in the winter, is frequent with hard frosts (average January temperature to – 28'C). For the western part also extreme dryness (about 250 mm in is characteristic. Because of big height above sea level Tibet has the climate similar to the Arctic.

In the conditions of China cultivation of commercial crops is important. As a result of the developed structure of the prices their production is much more profitable, than grains, cotton, vegetables and fruit, even despite that on cultivation, for example cotton China takes the third place in the world. Besides, cultivation of the oil-bearing crops which are the main source of food fats is widespread. From them the peanut, a colza and sesame (which are grown up in the Province of Shandong) are main.

At the same time over the last 50 years in China the food industry is restored, more than 370 thousand new industrial enterprises are constructed, and industrial production increased by 39 times. Testifies that fact to scales of development of a present industrial complex of China that daily in the country to be made an industrial output for 1 billion yuans, 3 million t are extracted. coal, 360 t are developed. oil, 140 thousand tons and 455 thousand tons of cement, etc. began to be made.

Special geographical position of China thanks to which it is at once in three belts: moderate, subtropical and tropical, had impact not only on formation of climatic conditions, a relief and soil resources, but first of all on a variety and richness of a plant and animal life of the country. Not incidentally on it the flora and fauna of China totals more than 30 thousand species of various plants. Also that from 5 thousand wood and shrubby types about 50 meet only in the territory of China is characteristic.