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High-quality falsification of margarine can ­ the next ways: violation of a of production; violation of prescription structure; of alien additives; introduction of the raised doses of and antioxidants.

Assortment falsification of margarine can for the account: regradings; substitutions of one type of a by another. The regrading of margarine is widespread and very often substitute margarine of the premiums for more.

Mustard oil is made of mustard seeds pressing and is issued not refined,, and refined not deodorized and. The cake remaining after pressing is used for receiving mustard powder.

All margarine shares on dining rooms, for processing and public catering and margarine with flavoring additives (chocolate dairy, chocolate creamy, chocolate "New", etc.). In turn the hundred-fir-tree are subdivided on sandwich-type and simply. For what are used sandwich-type, it is clear from a, and dining rooms are applied to frying and pastries. Besides on a consistence margarine happens either firm, or soft bulk.

Coconut oil is made of the dried and pulp of nuts of coconut palm trees by pressing and let out only in the refined look. At the room temperature has a firm.

In the course of storage fats are oxidized and develop an unpleasant taste and a smell. Fats are oxidized quicker at the increased temperatures and on light. Especially quickly progorkat the fats containing many nonsaturated fatty acids (cod-liver oil, chicken fat).

On extent of cleaning and according to decrease in and biological value vegetable oils in the following sequence:, hydrated, the, refined deodorized, neutralized not deodorized, neutralized deodorized refined.

Wooden oil is developed by a hot of the cake which remained after cold pressing (low-quality olive oil, as well as, demands additional refining).

There are chemically changed fat (instead of tsisizomer — transisomers) which metabolirutsya not always in a human body, and to formation of lipoproteins of low density of which plaques in cardiovascular system of the person are formed.

If before you — vegetable sunflower, oil, olive with addition sunflower with a period of storage more than 4 months and on packing not of an of an additive of antioxidant (a butiloksitoluol, butilo-ksianizol, before you — the next counterfeit.

But the main margarine production makes shadow in which all means are good for receiving the maximum profit. In the course the artificial fats created in the chemical way from cheap vegetable oils, fats of sea and terrestrial animals, fishes go. From the point of view of economy, it is extremely profitable business as the secondary raw materials with the corresponding price are used as if. Thus the consumer suffers twice: once — when pays, at times — when eats.

In the market of the vegetable oil having in the consumer invariable success as it is added and to salads and widely use when frying, it is sometimes difficult for buyer to choose qualitative oil from widely advertized low-quality.

The period of storage of vegetable oils makes only: 4 months — for corn and sunflower, 8 months — for mustard, peanut — till 6 months. For prolongation of storage in vegetable oils not preservatives, but antioxidants. But all of vegetable oils about these additives on packing do not write.

Identification indicators of the first grades of margarine are lower organoleptic : taste and a smell, a consistence at 18 °C and color. In the first grades of margarine table some ill-defined lactic aroma, dullness and an oplavlennost of the line of a cut, insignificant uniformity of coloring is allowed.

This type of falsification is carried out by the claim information in commodity and accompanying, marking and advertizing. For example, the refined oil in principle does not may contain fat-soluble natural vitamins, and advertizing of Gold oil that it contains in this oil. It is usual information falsification. On many packings with vegetable oil also specify that it does not cholesterol. But all types of vegetable oil of a also did not contain cholesterol as this is synthesized only by animal organisms. This information misleads the simple consumer and is only an advertizing gimmick.