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If the pregnant woman continues to take medicine, and at an attack increases a dose, the increased risk of deterioration of a state is not present. Pregnancy does not worsen the course of epilepsy. During pregnancy attacks can amplify if this woman does not accept completely a dose of the preparation recommended by the doctor because of fear do harm to future child or as a result of violation of the mode of a dream.

Epilepsy and happens today at many people and does not stir their full-fledged and fruitful life. The prerequisite to it are regular visits of the doctor and exact observance of medical appointments and the mode. Seven following vital rules have to help you to cope with attacks better.

Reading is very rare reason of attacks. However at long reading (overfatigue) when the head starts hurting and there are spots before eyes, it is necessary to stop this occupation as it can cause a convulsive attack.

Some researches show increase in negotiability to the doctor concerning attacks during the periods fully - and new moons. Imeyutsyanablyudeniya of increase of attacks in the period of the increased solar activity. It is connected with change of level of a functional condition of a brain and deterioration of its compensatory opportunities, and also to violations of the metabolic processes in an organism leading to decrease in effect of antiepileptic preparations.

The fright, for example, an unexpected sharp sound, the sudden unexpected movement can be the cause of an attack. Despite the described examples there are no the data specifying that as a result of a fright there can be epileptic attacks.

It is noted that epilepsy meets in the countries with roast and a humid climate more often, and also that when moving people with epilepsy to regions with more cool and arid climate the frequency of attacks can decrease.