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Creation of relativistic, and then and quantum physics resulted in need of revision of methodological installations of classical physics. Let's present in the systematic form methodological installations of nonclassical physics:

I) fields and particles directly do not define character of an existential continuum. He serves only as the arena of manifestation. Fields and particles are alien to geometry of the world and they should be added to geometry that in general it was possible to speak about any physics;

However in a consent with the principle of compliance the new theory has to correspond definitely to classical theories, ratios of sizes of the new theory have to be similar to the relations of classical sizes. Thus each classical size needs to find the quantum size corresponding to it and using classical ratios, to make the ratios corresponding to them between the found quantum sizes. Such compliance can be obtained only from measurement operations.

The structure of process of knowledge is not invariable. To qualitative variety of the nature there has to correspond the variety of ways of its knowledge. On the basis of nonclassical ways of knowledge (relativistic and quantum) other new ways of knowledge have to be created over time.

The revolutionary situation which developed in natural sciences at the beginning of HHV., it is connected with emergence of two new theoretical concepts – quantum mechanics and the special theory of relativity. As it often happens, in an initial stage of formation of essentially new theoretical concept, the first carriers of methodology are founders.

It was clear that these three provisions cannot be joint as they are incompatible. Long time of effort of physicists were directed on trying to change somehow the first two provisions, having left invariable the third as self-evident.

The formulation of a hypothesis of quanta of energy was the beginning of a new era in development of theoretical physics. With great success this hypothesis started being applied to an explanation of other phenomena which did not give in to the description on the basis of representations of classical physics.

Simultaneous action of these two principles seems impossible. The theoretical paradox is available. Einstein finds a way out of this paradox, analyzing concept of simultaneity. The analysis brings it to a conclusion about relative nature of this concept. The essence of all theory of relativity which conclusions, in turn, result in need of revision of concepts of space and time — fundamental concepts of all natural sciences consists in awareness of relativity of simultaneity.

After M. V. Mostepanenko, we will understand "the ideal model of the nature including the most general concepts, the principles and hypotheses of physics and characterizing a certain historical stage of its development" as a physical picture of the world. This formulation assumes a certain synthesis of physical knowledge, without applying thus for realization of an ideal of the uniform physical theory formulated within this model. An explanation (interpretation of the phenomena predicted and described by the physical theory are carried out, as a rule, within the existing reality model

First, it represents the new theory of inclination though, perhaps, both is not quite complete and is not deprived of some shortcomings. Difficulty consists that gravitation — is a type of energy therefore she is own power source; gravitation as a physical field itself possesses (as, for example and electromagnetism) energy and an impulse, so, and weight. therefore, the equations of the theory are not linear, i.e. it is impossible to put simply known decisions for simple systems that the full decision for difficult system turned out. Difficulties in interpretation of the maintenance of a tensor of energy — an impulse are connected with it, for example. The mathematical apparatus of the theory is so difficult that almost all tasks except the protozoa, are unsoluble. Because of that ky difficulties (perhaps, they rather technical character, but maybe basic) scientists still — 80 years later after FROM it was formulated — still try to understand its sense.