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The aspiration of the country leaders to the accelerated transformation of society, to redistribution in favor of the industry led to violation of balance in the market, to continuous failures in reproduction process - to crises of the New Economic Policy. While reserves of the recovery period were not settled, these crises were liquidated rather easily within preservation of considerable elements of the market relations. When these reserves were settled, the market practically curtailed.

The model based on criterion of the fastest achievement of economic independence, high defense capability. It meant concentration of the main efforts on the program of the accelerated industrialization and as the capitals in the country were not, this model was possible only at considerable transfer of resources from the village to the city that undermined market balance and opened the road to noneconomic methods of the solution of economic problems: to the forced collectivization and rigid administrative control of the village, broad application of forced labor in a row otrasley.1

As a result at the worker the material interest in the end results of work of the enterprise was weak and at the enterprise interest had specific character because its profit was depersonalized in uniform balance of trust. The control system of a national economy in general did not conform to requirements of the New Economic Policy also.

Replacement of a surplus-appropriation system the prodnalogy was dictated first of all by aspiration to extinguish the active resistance of peasants, to bring down heat of the armed performances. But it is one party. There was also another - to involve country farms in local economic circulation by means of a material interest.