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The GemPlus Card International firm developed some types of the smart cards focused on application as plastic money and maintaining accounts. For example, the card with the protected memory of GPM896 is intended for carrying out payments with the small sums, and the microprocessor PCOS card - for maintaining accounts. The PCOS card provides high degree of data security and supports a specialized set of operations on their processing.

One more advantage of smart cards over other plastic cards is their multifunctionality. Possessing the built-in opportunities to carry out many mathematical and logical operations and surpassing other plastic cards in the volume of information stored on them, the same smart cards can be used in various appendices.

Not filled up cards with various initial sums (face values) which value will be put down on a card. Such cards are ideal as gifts, pocket money which are given out to children, and also pocket money in business and trips and as tickets for various actions.

One of the reasons of long transition to mass use of smart cards in the international payment systems is absence of the international standards on payment systems on the basis of smart cards. Though the final standard on smart cards will appear not soon, practical works on introduction of standard technology are begun already now.

Certainly, use of mechanisms of authentication and cryptoprotection increases firmness of system on orders. Nevertheless many experts consider that development of microprocessor technologies by swindlers - business of time.

Cards counters. This type of cards is applied to calculations of this kind when subtraction of the fixed sum each payment operation is required. Similar cards still are called as cards with previously paid sum.

The operating system of the card supports the file system providing differentiation of access to information. For information stored in any record (the file, group of files, rolled, the following modes of access can be set:

Technically safety of the address of "electronic money" is ensured by security as separate elements of system ("an electronic purse", terminals, etc.), and the process of charging of "purse".

Prospects of use of smart cards Though world leaders - VISA International and Europay International firms already declared the inevitable transition to technology of smart cards in the near future, payment systems on wasps to Nova of cards with a magnetic strip will continue to be used still rather long time as the developed international infrastructure for use of these cards is already created.

The smart card is a card a data carrier in which is the integrated chip. When standards and the production technology of smart cards were just developed, on them the closest attention was paid to their reliability and high extent of data security. Concerning data security of the smart card possess a number of advantages in comparison with traditional magnetic cards.

In system terminals for reception of the Proton cards function; counters on parking. The considerable attention was paid to vending machines that once again illustrates idea of accurately certain trade niche put in a project basis.

Practically any card of any type can be used as the payment. However only very limited number of cards will meet all requirements which the mass payment smart card has to possess: the low cost, opportunity to carry out any (and not just payments, good security and necessary level of "intellectuality" are specific to ensuring the off-line technology.

- bilateral systems - arose on the basis of bilateral agreements between participants of calculations at whom owners of cards can use them for purchase of goods in the closed networks controlled by the issuer of cards (department stores, gas stations etc.);

The idea put in a basis of creation of Mondex system is described very precisely by the main advertizing slogan of her suppliers: Mondex are a cash! Electronic money of Mondex can be transferred on communication channels. In this case instant payments are possible between the subjects which are in different points of the world.