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The second component of a formula (-Sob - defines ability of the enterprise to development in the current period of new products which will be demanded by the market in the subsequent. An indicator thanks to which it is possible to estimate ability of the enterprise to development of new products in numerical expression, the coefficient of updating of production in the conditions of the market is To. This coefficient reflects ability of the enterprise to be reconstructed during certain time of Tpo for release of the new products necessary for the market, and to hold on certain time Tpr, necessary for realization of these products:

It is necessary to compare the line with competitive on the following indicators: power consumption, labor input, width of nomenclature production, prime cost of the made production, production level of quality, capital productivity.

Further it is analyzed technical and economic parameters, i.e. capital productivity, labor input, productivity, an energopotreblyaemost, quality of the products made on this line, the line cost, the occupied space, waste-free production.

Will satisfy how fully this requirement. Then specify technical and economic properties of production: weight, volume, level of quality, specific characteristics, and also its price and time for its production and components.

Events for modernization are held in case they are economically expedient, i.e. for this purpose the enterprise has to carry out analytical work. This work consists in carrying out the internal and external analysis.

Choice from developed (by results of the previous stages of the analysis of the actions of an optimum ratio of the most productive giving the maximum increase in profit at limited sources of own and borrowed financial means.

Proceeding from stated, the analysis of efficiency of modernization of the operating production is offered to be made in the following order: analysis of validity of the plan of rearmament of production and reserves of increase of efficiency of use of financial resources.

The qualified use of indicators which carry out a role of the working tool in the course of the technical and economic analysis is the indispensable condition of its high-quality realization providing identification of real-life reserves of increase of production efficiency and creation of favorable circumstances for adoption of constructive, economically reasonable administrative decisions.

Without having estimated a technological level of the means of production applied at this enterprise it is also impossible to develop really achievable and at the same time most effective plan of modernization of this enterprise. Therefore definition of a technological level of products, and also means and methods of its production becomes the major task.

The main indicators - absolute efficiency of capital expenditure; payback period of capital investments; gain of capacities; change of release of products; prime cost change; change of profit.

The accompanying indicators have to become: size of assets and own means and own enterprise assets; sales volume; costs of production and realization, and also time spent of products for a stage of development and development; product range, vostrebuyemy market.

Before modernization process the combine let out 22 product names. At the moment the enterprise can issue 35 names of confectionery production, 70 types of confectionery flour products and 25 names of bakery products.

Development of necessary actions for elimination of "bottlenecks", to increase of a qualitative condition of production base, for drawing up optimum (most productive) current and long-term plans of modernization. Increase of their quality and validity.

In respect of production it will be necessary to specify on what equipment to be made production. What for this purpose will be required capacities, raw materials. In brief has to specify the production technology. Strategy of purchases of raw materials and materials allocates.

possibility of use of the planned and estimated indicators of improvement of level for economic and moral incentive, control and the analysis behind efficiency of use spent for these purposes of means.