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On the western slopes of Barguzin Range there is no the forest-steppe strip peculiar Altai-Sayansk to type of zonation And well expressed on the western coast of Baikal. It is connected with that the northeast coast differs in more frigid and humid climate therefore here only three main vegetable belts are allocated: forest, subalpine and Alpine.

High dry terraces are occupied by pine-forest lichen and moss and lichen or bagulnikovo-cowberry listvennichnik. On damp soils zelenomoshny and zelenomoshno-dolgomoshny listvennichnik meet. On low boggy places sfagnovy listvennichnik are widespread. On the coast of Baikal listvennichny light forests meet a circle of a cedar stlanik. The underbrush from Middendorf's birch and a rare cedar stlanik meets in moss and lichen listvennichnik. In dry lichen listvennichnik the underbrush is practically absent.

Here representatives of the Alpine flora — such as ivan-tea broad-leaved are quite widespread. birches round-leaved and tishy, currant fragrant. club moss Alpine and goltsovy lichen alektoriya pale.

The woods of river valleys are peculiar. Inundated sites are occupied with poplar and chozeniyevy groves, In valleys of the mountain rivers the floodplain is usually developed poorly and represents a narrow strip at the bottom of radical coast. A taiga on-. goes into a faltering tape of the deciduous woods, here and there

Vertical distribution of vegetation on the western slopes of Barguzin Range so peculiar that D.N.Tyulina (197 found it possible to allocate especially damp pribaykalsky type of zonation of vegetation. For it distribution on the bank of Baikal of podgoltsovy vegetation is characteristic. This "lozhnopodgoltsovy" belt Is presented by thickets of a cedar stlanik and nizkobonitetny listvennichnik with a Labrador tea, cowberry and other low shrubs.

Among the sfagnovy listvennichny woods listvennichnik meet a shrubby circle from a birch lean - In the majority of types of listvennichnik in the second circle the cedar meets. in the driest — a pine ordinary. Sometimes in the second circle there are a birch and a fir-tree.

Usually in fir groves essential impurity is made by a fir, a cedar, a birch. In an underbrush curtains meet a willow Wai's escape, a bird cherry lonely, an alder forest shrubby. In a grass cover prevail and other cereals, a wintergreen round-leaved, a maynik two-leaved.

The lower part of a subalpine belt — the upper bound of the wood. It is presented by the fir and birch woods, pikhtarnik and light forests from a fir Siberian and a birch woolly, the alternating thickets of a cedar stlanik, ernik and stone scatterings. In the top part of a subalpine belt stone scatterings and rocks in combination with thickets of a cedar stlanik and a rhododendron golden, Alpine and subalpine and Alpine meadows and heathlands prevail.

The flora of napochvenny and epifitny lichens is especially rich in the light listvennichny forests. Lichens and in the lower part of a mountain and forest belt are plentiful. Violent development of a moss and lichen cover gives podlemors-which to a taiga a severe, gloomy look. Black and greenish-gray tousle of lichens boughs of larches and cedars acquired. Uncombed threads and garlands of greenish-gray lichens hang down from kroner of young fir-trees and firs. Lichens cover the soil, them valezhina acquired. the fallen boughs, stvolik of bushes.

In the top part of a forest belt the fir woods are widespread. Pikhtarnik cher-nichno-badanovye the zelenomoshny are among the usual. In these woods the first circle is made by a fir Siberian. Occasionally the cedar and a birch woolly meet. The underbrush is not developed. Single curtains of a rhododendron golden and trees of a mountain ash Siberian meet. In a grass kustarnichkovom a cover curtains of a bergenia and a spot of bilberry and Ilyin's sedge meet, Here grow a buckler fern,, a maynik. The continuous moss cover from a pleurotsium razrezhivatsya only under bergenia curtains.

In the lower part of a subalpine belt fir light forests and redina with a cedar stlanik are widespread. One of usual associations — a fir light forest bilberry lichen with a cedar stlanik and a rhododendron golden. The fir, seldom a birch are a part of a forest stand Baikal and hybrid forms of birches woolly and white. The underbrush is formed by a cedar stlanik and a rhododendron golden which occupies spaces between bushes of a stlanik. Very poor grassy the cover is presented by bilberry and Ilyin's sedge, Moss carpets consist of a dikranum dense and Shreber's plevrotsiuma, participation of lichens the insignificant.