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Forecasting is a procedure of planning of development of market economy and its major links and structural elements. It is one of forms of the planned activity consisting in scientific anticipation of a condition of object of management at some point.

structural proportions and output are most optimum formed; rational distribution of organic production resources is provided; the most technological ways of production are developed and minimization of costs at high quality of production is reached.

The second direction consists in need to overcome a forecasting unilaterality, that is to use an interdisciplinary method when developing forecasts. It is necessary to consider endogenous and other factors.

For a social market economy approach to the market as to an element of regulation and management of economy is characteristic. In system of a with-tsialnogo-market economy the term the market economy means fuller decentralization of the organization of production management and consumption through a sales market, equality of chances, efficiency and economic freedom.

The market economy has social effect so far as as it due to the efficiency in itself creates necessary prerequisites for the greatest possible level of the general welfare.