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Such technology demands full reorganization of production on the basis of creation of territorial and production complexes. In these all variety of types of production has to be coordinated so that waste of one type of the enterprises served as raw materials for other types and so before the fullest utilization of all without exception of the substances which came to system on an entrance.

In the course of expansion of a new stage scientific ­ revolutions much broader application, than earlier, will find the biological principles of productions up to transition to industrial photosynthesis out of plants. Thereby the mankind will become the second autotrof on the planet with that, however, a difference that people will learn to use energy of the Sun with much higher efficiency, than plants.

- qualitatively other incentive of economy (not profit, but planned accounting of requirement. people and of environment regardless of profit size). Such incentive is possible, only in the conditions of economy, on other system of values and developing in interests of people, but not indirectly through profits. The ecotechnology is compatible only to that society, where the direct purpose of production ­ not the maximum profit, but interests of all people, their and happiness.

The ecotechnology will lift a number of limits on development of a which arose in modern conditions, and a of all restriction from environment. However it does not mean that any limits of a order will be lifted in general. Sooner or later there will be new restrictions which removal will require still a technological, and so until there are a society and its production. In the light of told there is clear a pointlessness of disputes on that, there are limits of growth of a social production or not.

Requirements of the formed natural sciences and the developing industrial production proved reality of opposition of the person of surrounding reality. The French Education tried to destroy these stereotypes within antropologo-naturalistic representations. The nature (external environments, treated various obrazom1, renders, according to representatives of this direction, decisive impact on the person. The French materialists defended, thus, the principle of unity of the person and the nature, being based thus on contemplate, "from time immemorial this" harmony between them.

Growth limits, certainly, are, but they exist not, and is concrete for each public system and for a concrete level of development of the production technology. that the existing production technology in general is close to limit values of the growth in this quality. Of the Roman club unambiguously showed to it.

At the present stage of development of society development of understanding of unity of society and the nature is stimulated with a of practical ensuring such unity. As a matter of fact before society everywhere there was a problem of greening of equipment, its optimum coordination with the natural

The modern is organized with violation of the system principles. The ratio of the substance got and used in the course of production (98% and 2% respectively) shows that processes of receiving substance and energy of environment obviously got the best of processes of utilization of the withdrawn substance. In a way, ecological crisis is programmed in the production technology.

The majority of conceptual creation of the XX century, especially its second half, the tekhnokratizm philosophy which is recognizing that scientific and technical progress unites creates prerequisites for overcoming of the majority if not everything, contradictions of world development, coming to the level of society of "general prosperity".

Thus, necessary harmony of the relations of an and nature can be provided in the course of transition to a new stage of a scientific and technical which main contents has to be a basic change of position of the person in society nature system just as the present stage of a scientific and technical sharply changed position of the worker in cheloyovek-equipment system. The common feature of both stages of a scientific and technical consists that the role of the person considerably increases in technical and natural processes.