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As for workers, first of all, with rather high level of payment, the operating pension system with the minimum differentiation of the sizes of pensions and their weak binding to the amount of earnings, especially high, does not create to achieve legalization of the labor relations and the fullest accounting of the amount of earnings from workers of incentive.

The central link of social partnership is relationship of workers and employers. They are carried out at tripartite representation, i.e. such system of the labor relations at which the state, businessmen and workers act as the independent parties, each of which carries out the special functions.

The course on creation of the market basis of the economy with variety of forms of economic activity objectively led to the constitutional conclusion about need of the social state which is founded on social partnership between the person and the state, the worker and the employer, the producer and the consumer.

mutual distrust, bias of estimates (each sector has the Achilles' heel: closeness of mechanisms of decision-making and distribution of resources in the first sector, a trade secret - in the second sector, insufficiently high level of professionalism at the third sector that interferes with partnership;

In the general process of social and economic reforms the sphere of work for a number of reasons appeared in the started state. It does not mean at all that there were no changes, they are just very considerable, but happened mostly spontaneously and in the direction which it is hardly possible to recognize satisfactory from the point of view of problems of transition to modern market economy.

In such conditions it is advisable to go on the way of creation of system which, by analogy with a number of administrative bodies of the developed countries, it is possible to call quasijudicial. The such system has to meet the following requirements:

The total amount of guarantees and compensations demands reduction as it does not correspond to economic opportunities of the state and the majority of the enterprises. Thus accurate definition of situations when guarantees and compensations are provided with the employer and when the state or other organizations (faces) is required.

For this reason it is so important that public initiatives of the third sector, having realized the civil liability, had accurate and concrete plans of the organization of social partnership in return.

the order of hearing of cases in chambers has to be based on the Civil and procedural code, but carry the character simplified in comparison with legal proceedings (including the reduced terms of hearing of cases);

Pension reform is closely connected with reform of the labor relations. Creation of the pension system which is directly coordinating the sizes of labor pension and elements of accumulative financing (through the personified account) and the labor income of the worker, will stimulate the last to official registration of the labor relations and to the fullest registration of compensation. Gradual transfer of financing of the early pensions granted in connection with harmful working conditions to the professional pension systems acting on the basis of additional insurance premiums of employers creates additional economic incentives for employers on improvement of working conditions and reduction of number of harmful productions.